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Flight Innovations

Very interesting article on the Economist on possible innovations in the airline industry. I would personally like to see the pre-boarding using ‘people containers’. Here are a few selections from the article: Coating common surfaces with silver to prevent the spread of colds and flu People are pre-loaded into detached air-conditioned cabins that would then…

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No, this is not a post about the Broadway musical (or it’s hollywood adaptation) or the music group named Chicago. Just some cool pictures I took of Chicago’s skyline, as we approached O’Hare airport on my last trip to Chicago. Enjoy… and do leave a comment about what you think. Also check out pictures I…

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Dear TSA, Pat me, scan me, swab me; just get me there safe

These was been a tremendous level of whining and hysteria in the media about are new TSA security checks. Travelers and some media personnel seem to be having heartburn with two things the TSA has recently introduced to improve security for us, the travelers – namely: Full body scanners Enhanced pat downs There is one…

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