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I love looking at maps. Especially maps with aircraft routes. I love trying to trace the lines between cities to figure out from which cities do the flights to a given city originate.

I found this beautiful world map showing the current United airlines international routes. It is a beautifully laid out map with very well laid out routes shown. Check it out…


I could not help but notice a few things (This map only shows international routes):

Latin American routes: Continental had a formidable presence in South and Central America. Look at all the southwards routes originating at Houston and Newark. Great addition to the United routes that were very weak in this region.

New routes: A few interesting routes coming up (shown in red). Houston – Aukland, NZ (IAH – AKL) and Newark – Cairo (EWR – CAI). Both are a first to these countries for United.

Major Hubs: When it comes to international routes, Houston, Washington DC and Newark rock. They seem to have more international flights than the other hubs – Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver. Denver only has hardly any…

What are your thoughts on the map and routes shown? Any factoids I missed that you see? Leave a comment.

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  1. Will Continental errr…United fly one of their first 787 long hauls from Houston to Auckland?

  2. @Mark, I have heard that is the plan.

    ..and I agree, UA is just CO with a UA logo painted on… 😉

  3. I haven’t looked at the map in the in-flight mag in a while (and can’t tell in this version), but is their new Newark – Istanbul route shown? Thinking about using that route as a mileage run. Tix pretty cheap for Oct/Nov.

  4. I don’t think DEN has any international flights unless you count Canada and Mexico.

    But you have factual error about first service to AKL and maybe also CAI.

    UA flew LAX-AKL for many, many years. So this is a return to AKL, not first service. The route to IAH is new, however. I am not sure whether the first 787’s which UA will receive will have the range to do IAH-AKL, so we may see the 787’s enter service on other routes.

    I believe that CO has previously flown EWR-CAI but removed it from service during either unrest or economic slowdown, and that this route is a return. I’m less sure since I haven’t followed CO as closely.

  5. SFO is/was pmUA’s intl gateway to Asia. Hope they will reinstate the SFO . – TPE route.
    Also LAX – AKL was an old pmUA route which was stopped. Actually, pmUA owns a lot of air rights from both SFO & LAX, which they do not currently fly to. Such as SFO – nagoya and SFO – Guangzhou, and SFO – CDG.

  6. @Andrew and @Carl, thanks for sharing. I did not know of the LAX-AKL route. And yes, I have heard that UA is targeting IAH – AKL for it’s first 787. This was the plan b4 the merger. (UA never ordered any 787s, CO did).

  7. UA just announced DEN to NRT non-stop on the 787 starting next Spring. DEN is in need of more routes like this in general.

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