iPhone App Kayak Pro free at Starbucks!


I love Starbucks‘ partnership with Apple. Every week, there is something free from the Apple iTunes store at Starbucks. It started out with songs (song are still offered), but has grown to include Apps, Books and TV episodes. I have gotten tons of paid goodies for free from Starbucks. The way you get them is for looking for small cards displayed in each Starbucks. The card has a code on them that allows you to redeem it for a free App/song/book…

Now the good news – this weeks free App is Kayak Pro! This is a $0.99 app, so no biggie, but after spending $3.99 on a Latte, I’ll take $0.99 back. Also, it is a great app. Other than the ability to access Kayak’s search engine for flights, hotels and cars, it also includes TripIt like features that allow me to email my itineraries to it. The Pro version also includes free flight status updaters. I am still playing with the app, but looks good so far. So, stop bye a Starbucks, buy a Latte and pick up the app.

The other free offering of this week is also travel related – a free episode of Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No reservations’ (as seen on the Travel Channel). Enjoy…

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