Is breakfast the best meal on domestic flights?

I lphoto-2.JPGove breakfast, so I am biased, but I truly believe that breakfast is the best meal on domestic first class. Lunch and dinner have been hit and miss for me, from what I would call a ‘light salad’ at best on a business class Denver – Washington, DC (DEN-IAD), to some fairly dry chicken on a Los Angeles – Washington, DC (LAX-IAD) flight. But breakfast – always awesome. On a recent United flight to Las Vegas (IAD-LAS), I got this great breakfast – picture attached. It was well cooked, tasted great and the quantity was just perfect, even after skipping the sausage.

I am trying to figure out what the reason may be. Is it that the choices for lunch or dinner are such that it is difficult to keep them tasting good in 30,000 feet in the air or is it just too difficult to please all the diverse pallets that may be on a flight? Where as breakfast, is breakfast. How many options can there be? Not sure.

What do you all think? Do you agree with me? What is your favorite meal in-flight? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Thats true. above 30 000 feet the meal have other taste then on the ground for the sky chefs the more make spice on it and not any love more spice thats it.

    I love also sandwiches when they are fresh or breakfast with warm rolls.

  2. Funny, I find breakfast to be the least enjoyable meal on domestic flights. Internationally, on non-US carriers, I love it. Especially Cathay where I can do dim sum, cooked to order eggs, excellent hash browns, and the preserves are wonderful. The smoothies are good too. Though if I had my druthers I’d upgrade the coffee.

    Excellent on Thai, where I can do a pre-order meal and just call breakfast “brunch” (lobster thermidor for the morning BKK-HKG flight 😛 )

    But domestic breakfast? An overly-reheated and thus hard croissant or a rubbery bagel… some mystery eggs, and a few pieces of fruit? Meh.

  3. @Gary, I need to upgrade my expectations… and fly internationally in upper class more. I have flights coming up in C on LH, UA and LX. Any thoughts on their breakfasts/meals in general?

  4. I find breakfast to be the least enjoyable as well. Smaller portions than the other meals, no mixed nuts et al- I don’t like the new UA breakfast at all. Especially the sausage

  5. I agree with you and love breakfast. I had the exact same breakfast as you pictured (with strawberry yogurt, can’t tell what yours was) on a Saturday morning DEN-IAD flight and agree that it was really superb. (And certainly well worth the complimentary upgrade!)

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