Holiday season gifts for travelers

Holiday Season is here (already!?) It’s time again to start hunting for gifts for loved ones. I love shopping for travelers (the road warriors and the UN-roadwarriors) in my life. Being one myself, I know how to scratch their itch. Here are my favs for making my travels more comfortable and productive. Gift them to yourself or your loved ones.

  • The iPad – Whatever new tablet may come out, the iPad is the downright winner. I never leave home without it. I use it as my in-flight or waiting-at-the-gate IFE and my eBook reader. The Kindle Fire is a close second. Personally I would like to get a Kindle Fire if I already did not have an iPad
  • Panasonic wet-dry electric shaver – I have tried every electric shaver out there. Rotary, linear, Philips, Braun, you name it. I now swear by Panasonic. This is my 3rd device. (They last a while, I just tend to lose or drop them). Close shaves, easy to carry and maintain. Also, wet and dry use.
  • TSA approved locks – I know, I know, its been the TSA guys stealing stuff from checked bags. But, this is at least somewhat a deterrent. A must have for international travel, where there are many other sources of thefts.
  • Kenneth Cole slip-ons – Easy slip-on and off shoes are a must for all those who do not yet have TSA-Pre. Also, these shoes are ultra-comfortable.
  • Kenneth Cole laptop bag – This is what I travel with.
  • Kenneth Cole Down Jacket – My just bought me this. They usually cost more than $200 and the down is super-warm. (Did you notice I like Kenneth Cole…)
  • The McKenzie lumbar roll – My back gets real sore after long trips on non-flat bed seats. This is my savior!
  • Treat your own back – The inventor of the lumbar roll also wrote a book on healing sore and hurting backs. I love it. It has saved me hundreds of trips to the Chiropractor.
  • And on my wish-list for Santa this year – The MacBook Air.
  • If all else fails, you can always gift an Amazon gift card.

Have a Happy Holidays! And Safe Travels…

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