Pictures from the Window seat: LAX-IAD

I love taking pictures from the window seat (I always ask for and get a window seat). I recently flew from Los Angeles (LAX) to Washington Dulles (IAD). Here are some awesome pictures I took. The flight was on a United 757.

I was even more excited about taking these pictures as I had just bought my new Sony NEX3 DSLR. It sure beat the pictures I was taking so far with my BlackBerry 9700!

Click to see my earlier set of Pictures from the Window seat.

Here you go. Enjoy, share and comment…


Delta v. United


Private Jet taking off at LAX


A pair of Qantas A380s parked at LAX


Taking off at LAX

LA Beach.JPG

View of the beach just off LAX


This is LA!


Flying back over LAX


...and a river flowed thru it


Cracked earth


Another view of the crack


Snow in June


Sunset colors



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  1. VERY nice pics, thanks for posting. I absolutely love it when I have a window seat and snap some gems, as you have here. There’s just something so peaceful and reflective about gazing out the window on flights.

  2. Very nice photos. How do you get such crisp results? Do you clean the window before taking the photos?

  3. The pocket squeegee I bought from Amazon is real handy 😉

    No I do not. I was lucky on this flight. I have had windows where they were too yucky to take pictures thru. Also, using a polarized light filter reduces any reflection off the window glass.

  4. Anyone ever give you a hard time for using electronics devices during takeoff/landing? I’ve done that a couple times with my DSLR, and am always worried about getting caught by some by-the-books passenger. Doubt a flight attendant would ever see anything though since they’re usually sitting during takeoff/landing.

    Nice pics btw….I especially like the Snow in June photo!

  5. Jon, I have not had any issues with other passengers about using my camera during takeoff and landing, so far at least.

    Glad you liked the pictures. I have many more to share.

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