Flight Innovations

Very interesting article on the Economist on possible innovations in the airline industry. I would personally like to see the pre-boarding using ‘people containers’. Here are a few selections from the article:

  • Coating common surfaces with silver to prevent the spread of colds and flu
  • People are pre-loaded into detached air-conditioned cabins that would then be rolled onto the plane (+1)
  • Localized temperature controls (+1)
  • Radio-frequency-ID-enabled travel documents
  • Seat allocation could also be based on the amount of hand luggage a passenger is carrying (+1)

What innovations would you like to see in airplanes, airports and lounges? Share by leaving a comment below.

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  1. My take;
    Coating surfaces, long overdue.
    people containers is never going to happen. It would require planes to be reconfigured with huge openings which requirre major reengineering of the body, let alone damage from impacts. There might also be people issues. Decades ago I deplaned off a jumbo at CDG using a traailer like device. It was high risk because you had this narrow trailer sized room raised to the Jumbo cabin’s height, the wind made us shake drastically.

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