Last Minute Gifts for Travelers

Travelers are tough people to buy gifts for. They have been there, done that, seen it all and have the t-shirts to go with it too. As the gift giving seams enters its final lap, I though I would share some of my favorite gifts to give to travelers. Remember, Amazon (and most other websites) still guarantee Christmas delivery without expedited delivery fee, if ordered by Monday, Dec. 19th. So here goes:

  • The new Kindle Fire and its little older brother the Kindle (starting at only $79 now!) are all time favorites. I personally prefer the Nook, but the Kindles are on top of the list for most.
  • If book readers are not enough and you want to gift the Big Kahuna, you have the iPad2.
  • Panasonic makes some the of the best Electric Shavers in the Market. They are a must have for men on the run. I have used mine Panasonic Wet-Dry Rechargeable Shaver in airport restrooms, aircraft restrooms and in the car (hey, those are long stop lights).
  • When traveling in strange lands, for the security conscious, there is the Money Belt, TSA approved locks  and (excuse me) Pepper Spray.
  • As a gift for someone who love to take pictures, I recommend the smallest DSLR on the market – the Sony NEX5. Here are some pictures I took with my NEX. It is the size of a point-and-shoot camera, but has interchangeable lenses and all the bells and whistles of an SLR.
  • For the women travelers, my wife’s recommendation for an excellent gift is the Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss. It is an excellent Lip Gloss (I am assured) with a built-in mirror AND a LED Light! How cool is that?!
  • And if you are still not sure what to gift to someone who has seen it all, there are the unique Ribbon Gift Cards where you pick the value of the gift card and the recipients pick from one of 40 gifts, without ever knowing the dollar value you picked!
  • Or there are always regular cash value Gift Cards.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, A Happy New Year and Safe Travels, during the holidays and beyond.

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  1. The Nook uses the standard ePub format where as Kindle uses its own proprietary format for books. MOst open source books are in the ePub format.

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