Earn United Miles for ‘Checking In’ at Airports

United has joined the bandwagon of going ‘Local, Social and Mobile’ by partnering up with TopGuest. I have written before about how TopGuest works (be sure to read my clarification post). Essentially, one can earn miles for being at a location and sharing it with your Social Network by ‘checking in’ on Facebook or FourSquare.

United is giving 50 MileagePlus Miles for sharing your location at select airports (I am assuming airports with a large United presence; all the hubs for sure). Once you do so by checking in of Facebook or FourSquare, United awards you 50 Miles and sends you an email with ways you can earn more miles around the airport. To start earning, register here.

Here is the email I got today when I checked in a Dulles Airport here in DC (IAD).

MileagePlus United
You’ll soon receive
50 MileagePlus® award Miles
for sharing your location fromIAD: Washington Dulles International Airport
Please allow 6-8 weeks for your miles to be posted to your account.
Rent with preferred car partners Avis® and Hertz® and earn 125 award miles per day.
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Do you wish to stop receiving email offers for sharing your location? Click here.

As with other programs that participate via TopGuest, one can only earn miles once a day. So you segment runners who go thru five airports in one day, it’s still 50 miles. Do note, you have to be at the airport to ‘check in’, though getting on a flight is not necessary. Drops off and picks are worth 50 miles too.

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  1. I’m confused….I signed up for a TopGuest account, but I see nothing on their site about United or MileagePlus. Do you still get 50 MP points just for checking in without any kind of sign up, or did I miss something? Thanks!

  2. Nearly every airport United serves is award eligible. I saw a list somewhere and it was probably over 100 airports, CO only had checkin at like 1/3-1/2 of them.

  3. Kris, Thanks. I will see if I can find the list and post it.

    I would also like to see if other people are getting the miles. I have checked in at three airports so far and have gotten the ‘confirmation email’ twice. No miles have shown up so far though.

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