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Would you take a Space flight on Virgin Galactic?

Virgin Galactic calls itself the world’s first commercial space line. Their goal is to open the wonder and experience of space to anyone who wishes to do so. And to do that they want to develop safe, affordable and clean vehicles and systems. That allows anyone from any background and anywhere in the world to be…

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The case for in-aircraft cell phone use

There is absolutely no technical reason for aircraft to not allow cell phone use in-flight. The only issue today is the lack of cell service at that altitude or above water, but that is a technical problem that has already been solved. Airlines like Emirates provide cell phone service on almost all their flights, with…

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Space Shuttle Discovery flies in to Dulles tomorrow – Join me watch it fly in!

As I had blogged last week, the Space Shuttle Discovery will be piggy-back flown in on a 747 to be placed in the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum outside Washington Dulles (IAD) airport on Tuesday, April 17th. The flight from Florida is expected to arrive at IAD mid-morning (ETA – between 10 and 11AM). The…

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Space Shuttle Discovery to be flown into Dulles on April 17th

Space Shuttle Discovery’s final resting place is going to be the Udvar Hazy Air and Space museum, just off Washington, DC’s Dulles airport (IAD). It is going to be a flown in to Washington riding piggy-back on a 747 on April 17th. It is expected to arrive early morning, as reported on WTOP. I happen…

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Electronics to be allowed on planes at all times?

Electronics as banned from being used on flights during take off and landing – much to the ire of celebrities and flight attendants. The exact requirement is no electronics below 10,000 feet. That may be changing soon. Time magazine reports that the FAA is seeking to look into allowing electronics use at all times in-flight.…

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Tweet #AmexVirginAmer to save 10% off Virgin America tickets!

The one most relevant to readers of this blog is 10% off (one time) main cabin tickets on Virgin America. … You will receive the 10% discount as a statement credit – you have to pay the original fare in full AND of course, using the AmEx card you have registered with Twitter.

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