Electronics to be allowed on planes at all times?

Electronics as banned from being used on flights during take off and landing – much to the ire of celebrities and flight attendants. The exact requirement is no electronics below 10,000 feet. That may be changing soon. Time magazine reports that the FAA is seeking to look into allowing electronics use at all times in-flight. This will keep celebs from getting booted off and us all from being forced to un-plug at least till 10 minutes into the flight.

This does not address the ban on cell phone use. I believe that the ban on cell phone use will remain in place in the US for the foreseeable future, irrespective the lack of science behind the reasoning.

Share your thoughts. Is electronics use during take off and landing good or bad? Leave a comment below.

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  1. The 2 bans aren’t related so it’s no surprise that one might be lifted and the other not.

    The cellphone ban is an FCC thing and has nothing to do with safety.

    The 10,000 foot rule has been in place forever and reports from Boeing seem to recommend keeping it in place due to the possiblity of interference instead of any real documented cases. It’s really a game of statistics, especially now with more people carrying devices you have a greater theoretical chance of something happening, however if that chance goes from .0001% to .0005% is it really worth worrying about?

    As to the cellphone ban, I really enjoy being able to spend the trip without listening to the person less than 2 feet away from me yammering away on the phone.

  2. I think I would prefer no electronics during take off and landing. My reasoning is less to do with the electronics and more to do with safety. If there should be an emergency, I would rather be hit by a flying book than an airborne Kindle.

    As for cell phones. I am glad they are banned. The last thing I want is to be seated next to some self important loud mouth, who can’t shut up.

  3. Agreed, unfortunately no one talks about ‘distraction and electronic use’ when they talk about banning use during take offs and landings. I would not want to encounter a flying KIndle or worse, a flying 17 inch gaming laptop either…

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