Would you take a Space flight on Virgin Galactic?

Virgin Galactic calls itself the world’s first commercial space line. Their goal is to open the wonder and experience of space to anyone who wishes to do so. And to do that they want to develop safe, affordable and clean vehicles and systems. That allows anyone from any background and anywhere in the world to be able to experience space.

To make the whole experience comfortable they provide three days of training prior to flight on site at spaceport America. Things like how to make the best of your time there, floating in zero gravity, how to get comfortable with acceleration G forces, getting to know the pilot and crew, all are part of preparation and training.


The flight


The spaceship makes its initial climb to 50,000ft following a runway take-off attached to its carrier aircraft before release. A brief moment of quiet then the rocket engine ignites.


The spaceship accelerates to around 3000 mph or nearly 4 times the speed of sound in a vertical climb out of the blue atmosphere and into the blackness of space.


On shut-down, the spaceship coasts upwards to its 110kms apogee allowing several minutes of out-of-seat zero gravity for those inside the spacious cabin, while large windows afford spectacular views of the Earth from space.


Re-entry is controlled by a unique and safe aerodynamic wing-feathering design and is followed by a spectacular glide to a runway landing back at Spaceport America — a party and astronaut wings!


Sounds exciting!! But I’m not sure if I would like to take this flight. I guess, space travel is not on my list yet. But the interesting thing is that you don’t just have to read about it, if you wish to actually experience space, it is available.

Would you take a Space flight on Virgin Galactic? Leave a comment if you would.


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