Angry Flight attendants and cell phones on planes

Time magazine believes that the the #1 way to get a Flight attendant upset is to keep talking on your cell phone after they have announced that you need to turn it off. I can think of many other ways to get a FA pissed off. Another one of Time’s own articles proves that they are not right, more celebrities have been booted off planes for using profanities than for using electronic devices. Gadgets just get a bad rap. Or maybe Alec Baldwin is just a bigger celebrity than Leisha (who?) Hailey.

My personal thoughts on electronics and particularly cell phone on planes are in my earlier post on the topic – C’mon just one more text. (Full disclosure: I have since upgraded to an iPhone). I seriously believe that the FAA needs to ‘fess up and admit that there is no real danger of cell phones disrupting flight equipment. Cells phone work fine without issue on several airlines, such as Emirates, why not in the US. I am though still in favor of electronics being off during take off and landing. This is more to make sure that travelers are alert and paying attention, in case of trouble during these sequences.

What do you think? Do you agree that we should be allowed to use cell phones on flights? Leave a comment below. Maybe we can recruit one of these celebrities to support our cause. Betty White ever get booted off a plane?

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  1. Cell phones doesnt affect flight as tested. However, I do agree airlines and passangers should do everything they can to pay attention during the entire time on the plane.

  2. I like the idea of having your phone off for the entire flight. Im sorry, but if you cant disconnect for a few hours, you have a problem. It would also get quite loud in the cabin if you were able to use your phone during the flight; everybody and their mother would be talking over the person next to them.

  3. @Nick, I felt the same way, but flew recently on an Emirates flight that had cell phone coverage in the plane for the entire flight. I saw several people use their phones. There were no obnoxious loud people in the plane. Maybe I was just lucky or the price was so high that no one spole for too long 🙂

  4. I agree with David. I’ve seen many use their phones when they are not suppose to be using them. Especially when I was getting upgraded on US Airways and was often in row 1 I could see them trying to hide in the galley playing with the phone after they had told everyone else to shut them down.

    Personally I don’t see any cell phone, iPad, Kindle having any effect on a flight and think the rule is stupid. Paying attention? I think the moment something goes wrong or someone is making an emergency announcement people will pay attention.

    On another note maybe more attention would be paid to announcements if the FAs didn’t keep trying to hawk items for people to buy.

  5. Keep mobile phones OFF. Please we are seated much too close to be forced to hear a blooming idiot inches from my face blathering on a phone.

  6. Cellphones aren’t forbidden in flight because of danger to the aircraft.

    They are forbidden because of danger to the cellphone network.

    400 cellphones travelling at 400mph can cause untold havoc to the ground stations they all switch from and to at the same time

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