@SkySteward – blogger and American Airlines Flight Attendant fired

Sky Steward blogs about American Airlines (AA) mostly. He has been working as an American Airlines Flight Attendant and is pretty well known in the blogosphere and on Twitter for his humorous take on AA. Lately (read: since AA’s bankruptcy) he has been very critical of the company and has made several parody videos. He has also been a ‘whistle blower’, sharing how AA executives and their families are routinely given First Class seats, bumping Elite members. Well, he has just been terminated. AA claims that his termination is due to his sharing of passengers private itineraries and for advertising competitors on his blog (blog currently has a PanAm ad running). Details of his termination can be found on this Time magazine article. AA may say whatever they want, but we know what caused them to fire him.

I have been following @SkySteward on Twitter for a couple of years. I wish him all the best.

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  1. I have had a few horrible experiences with American Airlines this year with the first being back in October where I flew out of Lafayette Louisiana to St. Louis, Mo., on AA. I was there for a week visiting my wife who is a Nurse there who I will be moving here soon (probably not through AA). I flight was initially a round trip ticket via AA with return back to Lafayette, La., however, due to business matters my secretary made another flight via a totally different air lines to Chicago and I personally told her that I would contact American Airlines to see what my options were since my plans had changed outside of my control. The young lady was very pleasant and told me that I could use that ticket for anytime outside of one year with no penalities. I asked are you sure and asked did I need to do anything particular and she responded that this happens all the time and that all I had to do was to identify myself within the one year and they would allow me to use that ticket. Well after being passed around as a sandwich at a family picnic someone finally found my ticket and I was told that it had been used already and on the same day that I was flying to Chicago on the rescheduled flight. I explained that there was no way that I could have used that flight since I was flying another airline going in a different direction. She then went into operator mode and informed me that I need to email the company and let them take care of it. Well after my fraustration I finally did just that only for them to confirm that I had flown the return flight that same day which is impossible. My one year period is October and I’m still awaiting a reply after providing them with information that I was on another flight; There are two other situations in the last three months where my flight has been diverted (because of weather I must admit, but we were treated like second class citizens except for a young lady working at the Baton Rouge terminal who was very informative and exceptionally courteous to keep us informed.)
    Pending the results of the aforementioned situation, I’m at the point where I would pay the difference to use other airlines just to see if they are more professional and understand the concept of customer friendly. I will post my findings after I receive a reply and thanks for allowing me to vent.

    Retired Veteran who use to love to travel…

  2. Bad experience with American Airlines reservation system!
    Don’t ever call American Airlines by phone for further assistance if you have made a reservation by internet, they will charge you an extra 25$ per passenger, telling you that now the ticketing is made by phone. Very tricky thing!!! I’m so mad at them!!! and if this practice continues I’ll never travel with them again!!!

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