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The Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card *Updated*

I am one of the few people who values hotel points more than airline miles. For airlines I care more about status and the perks I get – like upgrades and lounge access, but for hotels it’s about the free stays. While airline miles can add up real fast and get free flights all over…

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10 MORE reasons why SPG is the best Loyalty Program

In continuation to my ever popular post on 10 Reasons why Starwood is the Best Loyalty Program, here are 10 more reasons: Ability to book Airline Award tickets even when award inventory is not available. Airlines treat tickets booked via Starwood as revenue tickets and not award tickets. Earn airline miles on award tickets booked…

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Why Starwood Preferred Guest is the best loyalty program

Starwood Preferred Guest or SPG for short is the Loyalty Program offered by the Starwood group of hotels. It is consistently voted as the Best Loyalty program in the market by business travelers. It is also my personal favorite. Here are 10 reasons why: Starwood hotels have a very extensive network of hotels all over…

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Picking the right Airlines Miles Credit Card – Part II

In Part 1 of this article I went over the different types of Credit Cards available that earn Airline Miles. In this post I will provide you with 10 simple questions you need to ask your self that will help you pick the right credit card for you and maximize your airline miles rewards. The…

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Picking the right Airlines Miles Credit Card – Part I

This article (in two parts) is going to help you travel thru the maze of choices of Airline Miles Credit Cards and help you pick the right card for you. Part one here is a survey of the landscape of the cards available. Part two will contain a series of questions and a flowchart to…

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American Express – The best Airline Miles Credit Cards

I have a simple rule with credit cards – I want something in return from the card vendor, every time I use the card (other than the credit, that is). As an Un-RoadWarrior, my 1st choice is always Airline Miles. My all time favorite cards for earning miles are the American Express cards. Here I…

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