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Starting a New Year of earning Miles and Status

Here we go again – Starting a New Year of earning Miles and Status: If you are like me, you logged in to your primary mileage account, the one you have Elite Status on, on Jan. 1st and saw a big fat Zero in your Status Miles (EQM) total. For almost every airline in the…

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The cost of Redeeming Miles

Why do I have to pay for my ‘Free’ Award Ticket? One unique feature about the Free awards airlines give is that they are not really ‘Free’. While Hotels give absolutely free stays when they give awards, airlines charge you when redeeming Airline Miles. The cost of redeeming miles should be taken into consideration when…

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Airline Lounges – A Review

Airline Lounges are an oasis of luxury and comfort in crowded, noisy airports. While many people may disagree with my claim of ‘luxury’ in an airline lounge, no one can deny that in todays environment of flight delays and the need to be at airports early, lounges are a welcome respite. Most decent sized airports…

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Picking the right Airlines Miles Credit Card – Part II

In Part 1 of this article I went over the different types of Credit Cards available that earn Airline Miles. In this post I will provide you with 10 simple questions you need to ask your self that will help you pick the right credit card for you and maximize your airline miles rewards. The…

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Picking the right Airlines Miles Credit Card – Part I

This article (in two parts) is going to help you travel thru the maze of choices of Airline Miles Credit Cards and help you pick the right card for you. Part one here is a survey of the landscape of the cards available. Part two will contain a series of questions and a flowchart to…

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American Express – The best Airline Miles Credit Cards

I have a simple rule with credit cards – I want something in return from the card vendor, every time I use the card (other than the credit, that is). As an Un-RoadWarrior, my 1st choice is always Airline Miles. My all time favorite cards for earning miles are the American Express cards. Here I…

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