Up front and close up with the Lufthansa 747-8i

Editor’s note – I wrote these posts when I flew to India a few weeks ago. Forgot all about posting them during my trip. Here they are – in the original order and form as I wrote them. Let’s pretend I am still on the trip… :). Beats being at work anyways…


I am writing this from 36,000 feet in the air, somewhere above Boston. More importantly, I am on the aBoeing 747-8i! Or as Lufthansa tags it – a 74H.IMG_0620

I am on the upper deck, in Business class! And yes, it is awesome. The seats are the best I have ever travelled on I am really looking forward to sleeping on the all-flat beds. They are a welcome



 upgrade from Lufthansa’s old inclined ‘flat’ beds, better known as the ‘wedgie-maker’. They just started the meal service – tablecloths have been laid out, waiting for the food…

I am attaching some pictures I took of the plane as we waked on to it it is magnificent, as you can see! I got to take some excellent shots from the walkway to the plane from the Lufthansa lounge at IAD.

The Lounge:

The experience for me started at the lounge itself. The lounge at IAD that opened not so long ago is a welcome respite from the United lounges. There was food – excellent sandwiches, fruits, soups, fruits, cheeses and a Latte machine! There were a couple of large flat screens, which was perfect to catch some TV.

What I liked the best was that I could walk over to the plane right from the lounge itself. No need to walk back out to the gate. Plus 1 to Lufthansa for the excellent planning.

The Plane:

Just walking into the 747-8i one gets a sense of its size. In business class (I have not seen the economy section), everything is spacious. There are bins among the wall, under the windows too. I’m not sure if this is only in the user deck but they were useful. The regular bins in the upper deck are not that spacious. I actually like having my iPad bag close by.a seat with a tv in it

More on the plane once I land…

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  1. Now, if we could only get Lufthansa to fly to SJU for the benefit of travellers to/from the Caribbean!

  2. I love this aircraft, the new upper deck c class and especially the boarding directly from the lounge.

  3. You bet. I just loved the upper deck. 2 – 2 seats, much more private. I am so glad they moved F to the lower deck and made the upper deck C class.

  4. Are all of you telling me that our flight from IAH to FRA (Business Class) will not be as nice & relaxing on the A380 than the 747-8i.

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