Pictures from the Swiss Business Lounge, Zurich

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I had a long stopover in Zurich a few weeks ago. It is a nice airport. The Swiss Business lounge was a great experience and helped the 6+ hours go bye fairly fast. The best part was the view from the lounge. Here are a few pictures I took walking to the lounge and from the lounge. The ;lounge is actually in another terminal. I had to go thru security twice (no passport control), but it was worth it.


Thai A340 coming to a gate.IMG_0823.jpg

Parking lot – several parked planes.


A parked Kingfisher aircraft. What is this doing here? Kingfisher has suspended all international operations…


Swiss A320.


Swiss A330.


Air Berlin. Never seen this airlines’ aircraft before.


Air France’s regional service.


Another Swiss A320.


Singapore Airlines A380, just after takeoff. I was too slow to take this one. It passed right bye the lounges’ window.


From the train at Zurich airport. The mountains are 30 seconds away!


A mighty Swiss A340.


Never seen this airline before either.


Or this one.  


IMG_0846.jpgA training plane. Probably used for fire drills.



  1. I simply love these machines.
    All the photos you shared are awesome, thanks for going through security and take those pictures, they really worth it.

    The one I liked the most is the A340, even when I don not know a lot of the types of airplanes I really liked the photo.

    As I said, great pictures!
    Thank for Sharing!

  2. Must be nice landing somewhere where you can see the alps in the distance. I don’t think I would want to be landing or taking off and see that fire drill plane!

  3. @Walter, I will go thru my photos. As far as I remember there were multiple people in the lounge all the time I was there. I do not post pictures with other people in them unless I can get their permission. I will see if I can find any ‘sanitized’ photos.

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