I love taking pictures of and flying in wide body aircraft. Sure beats an ERJ anyday! From a travel perspective, it’s all about comfort. The bigger planes are mode spacious, have higher ceilings, larger bins and in upper class, flat seats. Some narrow body aircraft do too, but they are few and far apart. As per taking pictures, I just love these big birds. They are engineering in flight! A marvel to look at, both in the air and on the ground.

Common wide body aircraft one gets to see are:

Boeing 767, 777, 747 and 787

Airbus A330, A340 and A380

Here are a few recent pictures I took at airports I have flown to around the US.


Air China 747


South African A340


Ethiopian 787


United 747


Chine Eastern A340


Lufthansa A380!


British Airways 777


ANA 777


Asiana 777


Air India 777


Emirates 777

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2 responses to “Big Birds – Wide Body Aircraft!”

  1. Emman says:

    Let me guess the Asiana B777, is it in LAX?

  2. unroadwarrior says:

    @Emman, good call! You are right.

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