OMG! Are Air India and Star Alliance hooking up, again?

a plane on the runwayDon’t know if I succeeded in making this post’s title sound like something out of the tabloids. But, the whole off-again, on-again relationship between Star Alliance and Air India is truly one for the tabloids. (Sorry no paparazzi photos of Air India in a compromising position. They are having trouble paying their fuel bills though…). The net-net is that Air India does not have its act anywhere near to being together but Star Alliance sees India as too lucrative a market to let some bureaucratic failures trip up the potential of tapping in. Air India has been a mess for long. While Air India has great routes and is in an excellent position to capitalize on the rapidly growing Indian travel market, that has gone global, it is run my inept political appointees and is unable to operate as a free bird (excuse the pun) without the Indian Government dictating how it should operate.

The latest news on their relationship – Air India and Star Alliance are back in talks. They point out that after all, their relationship was ‘suspended’ and not cancelled. (“We were still friends, but with no benefits…” – Sorry Mila )

Personally I look forward to the day that AI and *Alliance patch up and start a long life together. It is only for the better for both. Star should not compromise too far on the standards it asks for in its partners and Air India should not mess up this opportunity to start its journey towards becoming a world class airline.

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