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Top 12 Articles for 2011

a wing of an airplane above cloudsIn honor of the soon to come 2012, here is my list of Top 12 Articles of 2011. (See list of Top 11 Article of 2010). This list is based on traffic to their pages. I have excluded article that were posted in 2010 (The post – Air India switches to all non-stop routes to North America was the 3rd most read article and Boeing 747 Piano Bar article was the 6th most read article in 2011, despite both being written in 2010!). I also excluded all articles related to short term promotion (no sense reading those now!).

The winners are (drum tool, please…):

  1. If you had an Infinite Wallet, what card would you carry – Part III
  2. United’s new boarding Process is pathetic
  3. Which Credit Card to use for Car Rentals?
  4. Capital One Venture card vs. Airline Cards
  5. Continental – United Merger update
  6. If you had an Infinite Wallet, what card would you carry – Part I
  7. Why the changes to Unites MileagePlus are the work of an Evil Genius
  8. Amtrak Guest Rewards – Train Miles
  9. Credit Card Mega Bonuses – Case Study
  10. Credit Cards Gone Wild!
  11. Is United Trying to stab Mileage Running?
  12. The 47,000 Mileage Run – Plain Nuts!

Wishing you all safe travels in 2012!

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