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Here at UnRoadWarrior we are always looking for ways to better serve our readers. Our mission is to provide the best information and expertise on Airline Miles and Hotel Points to the un-roadwarriors. Travellers, who are not experts, don’t have the knowledge and certainly don’t have the time to search thru hundreds of forum threads, blog posts and news articles to get the latest and greatest information. We do that for you, while also providing you with the expert advise from our writers.

To further focus our efforts in 2012 (we had a banner 2011), we are going to gradually introduce several enhancements to our site over the next few weeks and months. These are based on user feedback and our own observations of what we see people struggling with as they travel. We are still sending out emails to several loyal readers soliciting their feedback. If you would like to give us suggestions on new features and changes, please leave a comment below or send us an email.

New types of posts:

We are introducing several new types of regular posts:

News from around the web:

This will have a series of news items we see around the web that we feel are relevant to travelers or just interesting. We posted our first in this series last week.

The Business of Airlines:

There are changes happening in the airlines like never before – new aircraft, mergers and bankruptcies. This series of posts will take a look at the business end of things.

Expert Tips:

These will be short, to the point tips from us and other experts on how to handle specific situations regarding Airline Miles and Hotel Points. Think of it as ‘Cliff’s Notes’ for Miles and Points. Somethings you want to bookmark.

Trip Reports:

These will be reports on places we visit, with pictures and reviews. We are also going to open this up to readers! Readers who want to just share their trips or readers who one day want to start their own travel blogs can get some introductory posts out there. Existing bloggers are also welcome to contribute!

Current Promotions:

A dedicated promotions page. This will show all the current promotions that we have shared in the past in individual posts.


Yes, apps. Apps for your mobile phones. This is a project we are working on, in stealth mode right now. More details coming soon!

Thoughts, suggestions, interested in contributing to the trip reports? Leave a comment below of Contact Me.

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