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Earning more miles than you actually fly – the how and why?

When I looked at the miles I have earned over the years, I have found a consistent trend – my earned Award miles (RQM) and Elite miles (EQM) are always are greater than the actual miles flown (BIS – Butt-in-Seat Miles). This is not unique to me, you will see this in your accounts too.…

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Lounge Review: Maple Leaf Lounge, Frankfurt

I have flown thru Frankfurt airport (FRA) tens of times. Living in the DC area, it is one of the best connected cities in Europe with 4 flights every day – 2 each by United and Lufthansa. (London’s Heathrow (LHR) has the best connectivity with 7 flights per day, thru three airlines – United, British…

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Future 787 flights to North America

As a follow-up to my last post on all existing 787 flights to North America, I wanted to post all the future planned 787 flights to North America. Here is the list I found sources from airlineroute.net. Some interesting facts: New airlines added to the list – Air Canada and Royal Jordanian Airport to get most…

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All the 787 flights to and from North America

The latest aircraft to enter the flying fleet of commercial airlines is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Touted as the most efficient aircraft on the planet, the 787 is extremely well suited for ‘thin-long routes’ – routes with long distances but low traffic. This has resulted in some interesting routes (Oslo – Ft. Lauderdale!) and of…

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RMF and CLV – Wharton marketing professor defends Delta’s mileage changes

RMF: Recency, Monetary value and Frequency CLV: Client Lifetime Value These are two of the technical terms that Wharton Marketing professor Peter Fader uses in this excellent interview to explain Delta’s changes to their mileage program. As you may have heard by now, Delta is switching to a new earning program from 2015 where passengers…

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Is AP bashing the 1%-ers of the traveller world?

I am not in the 1% (yet). But due to my diligence with miles and understanding of the upgrade process, I fly in upper class more often than not. So, I am actually not sure what to make of this article by AP’s Scott Mayerowitz. While highlighting some of the awesome features available for upper…

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