20 Years of flying United!

I got a pleasant surprise on my last flight. I got a card from the Gate Agent. Apparently I have been flying United as a MileagePlus member for 20 years. Now I was ‘pleasantly’ surprised because I had no idea. Once I boarded the flight and looked at the card, I went – that’s it? A card? A GPU would have been nice (and useful, as I am all out for the year already).

Hopefully I will get something more significant at the 25 year mark. Can anyone who has hit the 25 year share if they got anything worth it?

IMG_2670 IMG_2671


  1. It seems that you’ve gotten more than I have. And what’s in the picture at the top of that card? It looks like some sort of fungus. Perhaps I’m lucky I haven’t gotten one of those?! I’ve been a member since the late 1980s.

  2. this is the kind of gift i’d rather not be getting. a 20-yr customer gets a piece of paper. cheap.

  3. Wow: I just booked three tickets from PHX to HNL & it only cost me $1000 to use my FREE miles !!!!! Needless to say, United credit card is gone & I won’t be using United for any transportation in the future. United is run by a bunch of jerks & I think they are thieves. For some reason I don’t think I will be getting a “card”.

  4. Le Roy, sorry to hear that. I am curious what the fee was that added up to $1000? I redeem miles on united on a regular basis and have never paid that much. I just redeemed miles for a roux trip to Asia and the taxes+fees added up to just $104. That too was all taxes and government fees, nothing Unites could have controlled/changed. In contrast, I was trying to redeem British Airways miles for the same trip and the fuel surcharge alone was over $300.

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