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Redeeming Barclaycard arrival points for past travel

Barclaycard’s Arrival+ card is one of the most flexible when it comes to redeeming points for travel one has already spent money on. The redeeming process is BC2fairly straightforward. When one logs into the Barclaycards account and goes to the rewards page, one sees as one of the options – ‘Travel statement credits’. This option allows one to get statement credits for travel one has already booked. The redemption rate is $1 for every 100 points, or at $0.01/point.

BC1Once one clicks on the ‘Redeem now’ button, it brings up a list of travel charges from ones statement. I have found that this is not always a complete list. If one has a charge that does not get ‘tagged’ as travel related, one can always call their customer service department to have it fixed.

BA4The redemption process is then exceedingly simple. Select the charge(s) you want credit(s) against and the page will show the amount of points required. If one has the required points, hit confirm and you are good to go. A confirmation page shows the statement credit that will be applied.

One of the special promotions Barclaycard Arrival+ has is getting a 10% points back every time one does a redemption. So, in reality, the redemption rate become $1 for 90 points redeemed.





  1. It seems that getting charges on the redemption page is like pulling teeth. I recently used my card in France for three weeks and NO charges automatically showed up for travel statement credits. I had to PM them 3 times before they finally allowed redemption on two hotel charges. The rest of the allowable charges (buses and attractions) are still not on the redemption page, but I asked again. We’ll see.

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