All the 787 flights to and from North America

The latest aircraft to enter the flying fleet of commercial airlines is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Touted as the most efficient aircraft on the planet, the 787 is extremely well suited for ‘thin-long routes’ – routes with long distances but low traffic. This has resulted in some interesting routes (Oslo – Ft. Lauderdale!) and of course, many typical routes. No reason to not use it for short-heavy routes…

Well, I have not yet had the opportunity to fly on a 787. I have taken lots of pictures. So, I went and looked for ways I can fly it. As I live in the US, I started by looking at routes to and from North America. Here is the list (Source:

Some interesting stats:

  • United and Norwegian (yes Norwegian) have the highest number of flights (8)
  • North American city with maximum # of 787 flights – New York JFK (6 – no surprise)
  • City most connected to North America by 787 – Tokyo (8 – 7 to Narita and 1 to Haneda)
  • Non North-Amrican airline with flights to most North American cities – JAL (6)
  • City most unexpected to be on this list – Ft. Lauderdale (Norwegian – 3 flights, from Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm)
  • Airport least expect to be on this list – Orlando Sanford (Thomson Airways – from Manchester)
  • Only non-mainland city on list – Honolulu
  • Classic examples of a ‘long-thin routes’: Addis Ababa – Toronto (Ethiopian – 7,154 miles) and Guangzhou – Vancouver (China Southern – 6,351 miles)




Mexico City

San JoseSeattle

New York JFK

British Airways London Heathrow Austin
British Airways London Heathrow Newark
British Airways London Heathrow Toronto
China Southern Guangzhou Vancouver
Ethiopian Airlines Addis Ababa Toronto
Hainan Airlines Beijing Chicago
Hainan Airlines Beijing Seattle
Hainan Airlines Beijing Toronto
JAL Tokyo Haneda San Francisco
JAL Tokyo Narita Boston
JAL Tokyo Narita Honolulu
JAL Tokyo Narita New York JFK
JAL Tokyo Narita San Diego
JAL Tokyo Narita Vancouver
LAN Airlines Santiago de Chile New York JFK
LOT Polish Airlines Warsaw Chicago
LOT Polish Airlines Warsaw New York JFK
LOT Polish Airlines Warsaw Toronto
Norwegian Copenhagen Ft. Lauderdale
Norwegian Copenhagen Los Angeles
Norwegian Copenhagen New York JFK
Norwegian Oslo Ft. Lauderdale
Norwegian Oslo New York JFK
Norwegian Stockholm Ft. Lauderdale
Norwegian Stockholm Los Angeles
Norwegian Stockholm New York JFK
Thomson Airways Manchester Orlando Sanford
United Airlines Denver Tokyo Narita
United Airlines Houston Denver
United Airlines Houston Lagos
United Airlines Houston London Heathrow
United Airlines Houston San Francisco
United Airlines Los Angeles Shanghai Pu Dong
United Airlines Los Angeles Tokyo Narita
United Airlines San Francisco Osaka Kansai

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  1. Actually, ANA also operates a number of 787 to North America. San Jose and Seattle to Narita just to name 2 I know of.

  2. @Rick, @york, @Sean, @Priyank, @Ernest, thanks for the catch. Yes, I missed these two flights from ANA. Will add them to the post:

    ANA Tokyo Narita San Jose
    ANA Tokyo Narita Seattle

  3. YVR is going to be the next…

    CSN (788,CAN-YVR)
    JAL (788,NRT-YVR)

    Next year…
    ANA (788,HND-YVR)
    ANZ (789,AKL-YVR)
    ACA (788,789 some will be based at YVR)

  4. YVR is going to be the next…
    China Southern (788,CAN-YVR)
    Japan Airlines (788,NRT-YVR)
    Next year/planned
    All Nippon Airlines (788,HND-YVR)
    Air New Zealand (789,AKL-YVR)
    Air Canada (788,YVR-PVG)
    Xiamen Air (788,XMN-YVR)

    Source from YVR staff.

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