Is AP bashing the 1%-ers of the traveller world?

IMG_0620.jpgI am not in the 1% (yet). But due to my diligence with miles and understanding of the upgrade process, I fly in upper class more often than not. So, I am actually not sure what to make of this article by AP’s Scott Mayerowitz. While highlighting some of the awesome features available for upper class passengers on long international flights, those willing to dish out the cash or the miles, he actually uses the article to bash them. Is the fact that someone can afford to pay for the luxurious seats and benefits of upper class travel or has earned the status and miles to get upgraded, a bad thing? Why should it be used to call it out as one of the ‘excesses’ of the 1%-ers? Yes, I think benefits in upper class seats are getting better and the comforts in coach are getting worse, but still… The price differences between coach and upper class are getting more and more too. If I shell out $15,000 or 150,000 miles for a first class seat, it better be worth it. Check-in, lounge, seats, meals, the whole package.

Read the article here for yourself and let me know what you think.

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  1. Well I for one agree. I do not think the top 1% of anything should get extra privileges. Take Scott for instance, why should only get he to write articles for the AP. I think they should open that up to all of us. Everyone should be even regardless of education, work, etc. First class should be a lottery as it should be to be President for a week and heck CEO of Microsoft. I’m so sure the world will run better this way where everyone gets everything for free and no one had to work for anything. What do you guys think? Maybe Scott should just jump off a bridge because he’s too stupid to be spending anymore time on MY planet.

  2. The sad thing is, I know a few people who actually think like the first few sentences of Paul’s comment. I was actually a bit disheartening to see some of the comments on that “article”. Some saying take out first and replace it with economy (because that will make the rest of economy so luxurious). I really got a laugh out of the “Bunch of elitist snobs and I am not talking about the passengers!” comment, if it is referring to the “we hate the 1%ers” crowd commenting.

  3. DEAD LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @JustSaying, the 2nd link to the article was indeed broken. It has been fixed. Thanks for the catch.

  5. Actually I think the top 1% are riding in private jets and avoiding TSA by landing at smaller private airports….if he really wants to bash the top 1% he should revisit the idea of private jets pitching in to fund the FAA in a more proportionate manner…….
    Finally only the poor rich are riding with the frequent flyer studs in FC on these commercial flights……….

  6. He doesn’t seem to grasp that premium passenger fares can keep the coach fares DOWN which in turn “permits” more people to fly. Populist demagoguery.

  7. Typical AP slant. Just think that if the AP feels like this about something simple like First class airline tickets what else do they feel is “unfair”. Maybe we should just make everyone even. So those that work hard at this hobby of miles and points shouldn’t reap any benefits they should share them with others that don’t work so hard. Maybe you shouldn’t be able to redeem those 150,000 miles for a nice seat. Maybe we should take them from you and give some of your miles or points to others that are disadvantaged or don’t work hard on getting miles. Let’s call it a tax or maybe “mile redistribution”. In fact why should you be able to take a trip in comfort while others suffer. Don’t you feel guilty?

  8. How is this bashing? The article says that premium travelers get perks not available to others, which is true, and this hurts your feelings? I’m always amazed how thinly-skinned some people are.
    The article never used words like “unfair” so if after reading the article that’s the impression you are left with then I think you as a reader are the one who has issues. I can afford to sometimes fly first and when I do I do not feel defensive about it or feel the need to lash out at an article that accurately describes the industry.

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