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TopGuest check-ins: 3,550 points and counting…

TopGuest is a very unique program. I have blogged about it before.(Please read carefully my second post explaining how not to misuse TopGuest). For those who came in late, it gives you points of miles in some of your favorite programs for ‘checking-in’, even if you don’t actually check-in for a paid transaction. So, visiting…

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Earn United Miles for ‘Checking In’ at Airports

United has joined the bandwagon of going ‘Local, Social and Mobile’ by partnering up with TopGuest. I have written before about how TopGuest works (be sure to read my clarification post). Essentially, one can earn miles for being at a location and sharing it with your Social Network by ‘checking in’ on Facebook or FourSquare.…

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The pain of tracking Airline Miles and Hotel Points

Yeah, I know there are websites that will track it for me all in one place – I have accounts with and , but they just don’t seem to be right or enough. … Staying at a hotel (duh, again, but this can become complex if one earns hotel points, airline miles or hotel points AND airline miles) Credit cards TopGuest Car rentals (for rental rewards or airline miles) Other sundry events, like filling out a survey, earning miles as compensation for a customer service event, etc.

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Drive-By Miles and Points

Author’s note: TopGuest has brought to my attention that ‘drive-by’ check-ins to their program can result in people being barred from TopGuest. My intention was never to promote anything that would be against their Terms and Conditions. This was supposed to poke fun at people who ‘drive-by’ for points. I encourage everyone to read my…

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