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Author’s note: TopGuest has brought to my attention that ‘drive-by’ check-ins to their program can result in people being barred from TopGuest. My intention was never to promote anything that would be against their Terms and Conditions. This was supposed to poke fun at people who ‘drive-by’ for points. I encourage everyone to read my clarification post.

Who would not like to get Hotel Points for just driving by a hotel? No need to check-in. Heck, don’t even bother to park. Just drive by… and wear your seatbelt and obey the speed limit. That’s exactly how you can earn points with TopGuest. All you need is a TopGuest account and a GPS enabled smartphone. I am even earning points on my (almost) obsolete BlackBerry.

TopGuest is a new breed of Mobile companies that rewards users for ‘check-ins’.

Here is how it works:

  • Create a TopGuest account on their website or via their mobile app.
  • Link the TopGuest account to your Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter or Gowalla account (only one is required). You HAVE to have one of these apps on your phone or be able to get to their mobile website.
  • Link TopGuest to your hotel rewards program. As of today, TopGuest works with HiltonHonors, Priority Club and a few others. See the complete list here. The only airline it works with is Virgin America’s Elevate program.
  • Next time you are close to one of the hotels on their list (DoubleTree’s only for HiltonHonors), ‘check-in’ to the hotel on Facebook or Foursquare or another supported app on your phone. The GPS locator on your phone will get your location and show the hotel on the list of places you can ‘check-in’ to, based on your location.
  • Keep on driving. (Obey all handsfree laws and keep your eye on the road while doing all this. Safer to pull over and use your phone or have a passenger do it.)
  • You have earned your reward! Typical reward is 50 points.

For people who live near a hotel on the TopGuest list, you don’t even have to leave home. Wake up every morning and get your 50 points before your first cup of coffee.I will plead the fifth if asked where I live and how I got all the HiltonHonors points….

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  1. […] TopGuest is a very unique program. I have blogged about it before.(Please read carefully my second post explaining how not to misuse TopGuest). For those who came in late, it gives you points of miles in some of your favorite programs for ‘checking-in’, even if you don’t actually check-in for a paid transaction. So, visiting a hotel for a meeting (which I do regularly) or even stopping by a hotel lobby to pick up a Starbucks, allows you to ‘Check-in’ and earn points. […]


  1. Hey, take a look at Kimpton.

    Get one Kimpton InTouch Stay Credit for sharing your location or a photo at any Kimpton hotel, restaurant, bar, or spa.

    Per the kimpton web site…
    Q: How do I earn a free night?
    A: Whether you stay frequently or stay longer, we want to thank you for staying true to Kimpton. That’s why we offer two ways for you to earn complimentary night rewards. You will receive your free night after 7 eligible visits or 20 eligible nights at Kimpton Hotels, whichever comes first. How does it work?

    So, “check in” on your phone 7 times and you get a free night?

  2. Just as an FYI, I work in Times Square NY and pass literally every hotel imaginable on my way to work so TG was a real treat; for about three weeks until my account was suspended for abuse. The company wants you to earn miles bit not to many miles. There are countless entries are flyer talk discussing TG selective canceling of accounts there were earning to many points. I’ve discussed this with a TG rep and was treated rather poorly. TG is a great concept that suffers from poor execution.

  3. @Suspended from TG, I have pointed out your comment and your point about poor customer service to TG. While their immediate response was not what I would call encouraging, I will ask for am official response before sharing here.

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