It was my ‘Meet the 787’ day!

I was at Washington Dulles (IAD) airport a couple of days ago, ready to board my flight to Houston (IAH). As I walked towards security, I looked out and saw what was most likely an Ethiopian airlines Boeing 787! The swept back wings were distinctive, even from a distance.Ethiopian 787.jpg

I decided to take the mobile lounge instead of the train to see if I could get a closer look. It was a great decision. The bus passed right by the aircraft and I got two great shots ‘Africa’s First’ Dreamliner.

Ethiopian 787 II.jpg

Note the phenomenal wing tips!

Ethiopian 787 closer shot.jpg

I thought I was done. I tweeted the pictures and relaxed in my upgraded flight to IAH. As we landed, I looked out the window and what do I see? A United 787 Taxiing right by the terminal!

United 787.jpg

United has been flying there new planes on domestic routes out of IAH, till they start their international routes.

United 787 II.jpg

I hurried off the plane, hoping the Dreamliner had not left. I was really lucky as it was just spinning up its jets and starting to taxi towards the runway.

United 787 at IAH.jpg

United 787 taxiing at IAH.jpg

It turned right in front of me and waited as I got a couple of good pictures!

United 787 Dreamliner.jpg

I would rather have been flying in one of these brand new jets, but this was the next best thing!

If anyone else has any 787 pictures, please share!

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  1. Cool – I was @ IAD for the 1st landing of Ethiopian 787 out on the ramp touching the plane, etc. Real Cool pics on the UA 787 @ IAH. I’m ticketed Dec 8-9 DCA-EWR-IAH-SFO-IAH-DEN-DCA EWR-DEN all on 787 Can hardly wait!

  2. “United has been flying there new planes on domestic routes out of IAH, till they start their international routes.”

    Not really. Other than test flying, the aircraft hasn’t done any domestic routes. Passenger service starts Nov 4.

  3. @Oliver, you are right. I forgot that passenger travel on the UA 787s does not start till next month. This plane was probably on a training run.

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