‘Child-free’ cabins on planes?


A380 at Dulles Airport

Malaysian Airlines is taking the first step towards what may become a trend – ‘Child Free’ cabins for adults who don’t want their flight being disturbed by noisy kids. They have just announced that the upper deck of the A380 aircraft will be child free. Here is a link to a report on USA Today.

As a business traveler who thinks he flies too much anyways, I appreciate the idea of a child free zone. I too want to be rested on a long flights before a business meeting. On the other hand, as a parent, I see this as restrict my ability to book certain flights and limiting seat availability for me sand my family. Getting upper class award seat availability when there are four of you flying is tough anyways, now it will be even more limited when some of those award seats are in the ‘child free’ zone. At least on an A380, it still leaves a whole deck open for traveling kids.

What do you think? Is ‘child free’ cabins a good idea? Do you think this will catch on as a trend? Leave a comment…

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  1. I have no problems with “child free” areas. We’ll see what Malayasia sees from it’s marketplace over time and whether or not it affects revenue.

  2. I appreciate the sentiment. But, I think it will be very hard for airlines to pull off as anything more then an antidote. On planes with an upper deck I can see the possibility, or an airline that has multiple daily flights on the same route they may be able to reserve one as adult only. But I think otherwise it’s just a gimmick.

  3. It might work on a B747 or an A380, but then how about single aisle aircraft. Is there going to be a fee for a kid free zone seat in economy.

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