Earn Double miles on Chase Continental OnePass Card on gas, groceries and dining from April 13

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Just got off the phone with Chase Continental Credit Card Department. The rep told me that all Chase Continental OnePass cards will earn double miles on gas, groceries and dining from April 13-June 13. I was surprised by the weird selection of dates. So, I asked again if the promotion and the dates were valid for all OnePass card holders. The rep repeated again that it is valid for everybody and no enrolment is required.

At this point it is YMMV because it puzzles me that Chase has no webpage about this promotion. I would encourage you to verify it and let me know via the comments on this blog post.

However if it is true, this is a very good promotion because there are very few cards that offer bonus miles/points on dining. At least for dining expenditures, the OnePass card would become the best miles/points card during the promotional period.

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  1. I got a postcard from chase saying I’m getting 1.5 miles per spend from march 13 or 15 till may 15 or so, no enrollment necessary either. Looks like they’re testing things out.

  2. @ FriendlySkies, I didnt ask about the debit card

    @ Leftpinky, I had heard about that promotion. Actually that promotion was the reason I called up Chase.

  3. I got a postcard saying it was valid from March 30 to May 30 – 2 points per dollar spent on dining, groceries and gas.

  4. My postcard says “earn 2x miles from March 16, 2011 through May 16, 2011 with your onepass plus card” It also says “You’re enrolled”
    “Earn 2 miles per 1 on all of your eligible retail, entertainment and dining purchases made from March 16-May 16,m 2011.”

  5. I emailed Chase via their secure messaging service and got this response:

    “I regret to advise I have heard of no such promotion being
    offered to all OnePass plus cardmembers .”

    So, my guess is that this a targeted offer only.

  6. Thanks everybody for your response. I called up Chase again. The rep maintained that this offer is for everybody and it is from April 13-June 13. It seems they are grossly misinformed.

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