Buy Hyatt Points at one cent or less, 3 nights at Comfort Inn for $156

I wrote earlier that Hyatt Points are valued at least 1.3cents/pt. Discover America is back with its annual getaway and present a chance to buy Hyatt points at less than 1cent/pt.


The Hyatt point purchase deals on April 15 are as follows

24,000 Hyatt points for $250, ~1 cent/pt
30,000 Hyatt points for $333. ~1.1 cent/pt
36,000 Hyatt points for $415, ~1.1cent/pt
69,000 Hyatt points for $778, ~1.1 cent/pt

The deal becomes sweeter if you have an Amex card as purchases with Amex card are given a 10% discount on the aforestated price.

Note that to buy points from Hyatt itself, you have to fork out 2.4cents/pt and are limited to 40K points in a calendar year.

There is speculation that this purchase may be coded as a Travel purchase and thus putting it on the Capital One venture card may make this purchase totally free. However, you would be losing out on the 10% Amex discount in that case.

hyatt 1.gif

Another interesting deal in the Discover America promotion is 3 nights in Comfort in for $156. The normal prices at Comfort Inns are ~$80 per night. So this gives you 3 nights for the price of 2, a pretty good promotion if you are headed out to some remote national park this summer where you would not get the upscale hotel brands.

Hyatt 2.gif

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  1. How would putting this on the Capital One Venture card make the purchase totally free? If you are referring to using miles from the recent “match” promotion, I wouldn’t call that totally free since you are giving up those miles in exchange for the purchased points.

  2. @Gene,
    I was referring to using the miles from the recent Capital One promotion. Its free in a sense because you are not paying anything out of your own pocket. But you are right in pointing out that one could have done something else with it.

  3. One barrier to deciding to make use of this deal – I know where I want to stay, but not how many points per night are required.

    As a member with no points, when I try to see how many points are charged by the Hyatt Place Jackson/Ridgeland, I get the message “Only authenticated Gold Passport members with at least 5,000 points can enter.”


  4. Hi Mark,
    If you have are a Gold Passport Member (which you can sign up for free), you can see the category of any hotel. Otherwise you can see the category of any hotel here The points required to redeem free nights at any hotel depend on the category. The complete chart is here;jsessionid=88A12BDF038F6A83547FCC233CD0CDD9.atg04-prd-atg2.

    Hope this helps

  5. How can I find the Discover America promo for 3 nights at a Comfort Inn for $156? Do they have an expiration date?

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