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The sorry state of Airlines of India

The state of Airlines in India is not good. There have been several blog posts by other bloggers on the state of Kingfisher Airlines. They are cash strapped and headed for big trouble if they do not get a cash injection from somewhere. The latest blow is the canceling of most of their international flights.…

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OMG! Are Air India and Star Alliance hooking up, again?

Don’t know if I succeeded in making this post’s title sound like something out of the tabloids. But, the whole off-again, on-again relationship between Star Alliance and Air India is truly one for the tabloids. (Sorry no paparazzi photos of Air India in a compromising position. They are having trouble paying their fuel bills though…).…

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Air India – good for Star Alliance?

As Air India progresses on its ‘final approach’ to become a member of the Star Alliance, it brings to an end (if they do actually make this July-end deadline) of the longest any airline has ever taken to join an Alliance. This long drawn out path to Allianceship, if I may, has further tarnished Air…

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Will Air India ever join an alliance?

Air India’s (AI) official mascot is ‘Maharaja’ which translates to the great king/prince in English. Probably that is why Star Alliance has treated AI in a princely fashion. AI has been trying to join Star Alliance since 2007. Since then, the joining deadlines have been postponed time and again to accommodate the sluggish ‘king’. Finally,…

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Air India switches to all non-stop routes to US and Canada

From 31st October 2010, Air India is switching all its routes from India to North America to non-stop routes. This is a major shift in Air India’s strategy. Till now they had been leaning towards a Europe based hub, potentially Munich, Germany (MUC). This was in alignment with Jet Airways, their biggest competitor, which has…

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