The sorry state of Airlines of India

The state of Airlines in India is not good. There have been several blog posts by other bloggers on the state of Kingfisher Airlines. They are cash strapped and headed for big trouble if they do not get a cash injection from somewhere. The latest blow is the canceling of most of their international flights. Jet Airways, the largest privater airline in India and usually looked upon as a stable, growing airline, too now has run into trouble. They have been asked to clear past dues in taxes or have their bank accounts suspended. Jet insists that they will survive and are not in trouble.

That being said, the air travel market in India seems to be sound. Air India, the government backed airline, while in trouble is actually expanding its flight schedule starting this summer. Air India is also becoming the first Airline in India to receive the Boeing 787. It plans to induct the 787 into its fleet by May of this year. Hopefully they will fly it to one of their non-stop routes to the US. There are also rumors (they never seem to end) of Air India being back in line to join Star Alliance. 787 + Star Alliance, I may actually fly them to India.

On a related note, Bangalore Aviation also announced recently that Lufthansa plans to fly the new 747-8i to India. That works for me too.

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