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Frequent Flyer Programs – Picking the right one

Picking the right Frequent Flyer program can have significant impact on your ability to earn or redeem Airline rewards and to earn and enjoy Elite status. Most uninformed travelers start like I did – they take the credit for any flight they fly on the frequent flyer program of the airline they are flying. This…

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Airline Alliances – Why all the fuss?

Continental Airlines is leaving SkyTeam and joining Star Alliance. Virgin Atlantic is considering joining Star Alliance after resisting joining any alliance all these years. Russia’s S7 airlines is joining OneWorld. Airlines seem to make a big fuss of Airline Alliances. Should you care? If you want to maximize your earning of miles and attaining Elite…

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Free Airline Lounge access

I discussed Airline Lounges in detail in my previous post on this topic. This article is a follow up to discuss options available to get ‘free’ access to airline lounges. Now, for the disclaimer – Just like there is no free lunch, there is really no free lounge access. But, there are ways available to…

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Airline Lounges – A Review

Airline Lounges are an oasis of luxury and comfort in crowded, noisy airports. While many people may disagree with my claim of ‘luxury’ in an airline lounge, no one can deny that in todays environment of flight delays and the need to be at airports early, lounges are a welcome respite. Most decent sized airports…

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