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Future 787 flights to North America

As a follow-up to my last post on all existing 787 flights to North America, I wanted to post all the future planned 787 flights to North America. Here is the list I found sources from Some interesting facts: New airlines added to the list – Air Canada and Royal Jordanian Airport to get most…

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Did a US Air Force U2 spy plane cause the FAA outage last week?

There is speculation by Reuters and other new agencies that a US Air Force U2 spy plane caused the massive outage at FAA’s LA Central facility last week. The outage, positioned as a ‘computer glitch’ in FAA radar system, caused massive delays all around the US, spawned by ground by almost every airport in Southern…

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Smiling with Vanilla and Peaches – The New Airlines of Asia

Asia is the next frontier, when it comes to massive airline expansion. All the major cities in the Western world have been connected to each other by air. There is really not much growth possible in the West for new routes. Yes, there are new routes coming up connecting cities across continents, but not within…

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Would you take a Space flight on Virgin Galactic?

Virgin Galactic calls itself the world’s first commercial space line. Their goal is to open the wonder and experience of space to anyone who wishes to do so. And to do that they want to develop safe, affordable and clean vehicles and systems. That allows anyone from any background and anywhere in the world to be…

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The Worlds longest flight is dead. Long live the Worlds Longest Flight!

A new king has been crowned! The Longest flight in the world is now Sydney (SYD) – Dallas (DFW) by Qantas – flight QF7. The previous ‘King’ was Singapore Airlines’ Singapore (SIN) – Newark (EWR) flight – flight SQ22. Singapore Airlines ended this flight last week – November 23rd, 2013, ending an era and extra-long…

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Planespotting: Big Birds at BKK (Bangkok) airport

Here are some picture of wide body jets I took while passing thru Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK) last month. More pictures coming soon. THAI International 747 being towed. Oman Air A330. Swiss A340, with it’s four jets. El Al 747. British Airways 747 at a gate. Orient Thai – never heard of this airline before.…

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