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Remembering the Twin Tower – 9/11 remembered

I cannot help but share this awesome picture and found on the Twin Towers, on Yahoo. It was taken by Katie Weisberger on a flight to NYC from Richmond, VA. Truly unique and beautiful… Original picture and full article can be found at: http://news.yahoo.com/upshot/photographer-shares-unusual-view-twin-towers-9-11-223937921.html … 9/11/01 …

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A Blog for the (Un) Road Warrior

There is no shortage of blogs and websites dedicated to the proverbial ‘Road Warrior’. My favorites include: the venerable InsideFlyer, ‘Road Warrior Tips blog, Orbitz’s webpage for Road Warriors and of course, FlyerTalk – the ultimate forum for all professional travelers and Road Warrioirs. The typical Road Warrior out there is a person who travels…

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