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Riding in Coach: Why I prefer United 767 over 777

I fly a lot of international flights in coach. My employer only buys me coach tickets. I upgrade a lot of my long haul flights using upgrade instruments (GPUs for United). 201503221528.jpgBut GPUs are limited, so I use them only on really long haul flights (10+ hours) or on overnight flights for shorter ones. For International flights that are daytime flights and are shorter than 10 hours, I end up riding in coach.

Most people love flying 777s. They are larger and newer, especially for United. I however prefer flying United’s 767s. While they are mostly older, they have much better seat config in coach than 777s. United’s 777s have 3-3-3 seating in coach, where as the 767s have 2-3-2 seating. As someone who prefers sitting in a window seat, the 2 seat config is obviously much better than the 3 seat config. Getting in a out is easier. It feels less congested. And if you are on a flight that is not congested, you may actually get no one sitting next to you. Last but not the least, even in a full flight, there are many, many fewer middle row seats for one to get stuck in.

In Business class too, the 767s are much better. They have no middle seats at all, with a 2-1-2! 201503221535.jpgI have not flown in single middle section seats, but they look like First Class seats to me! United’s 777s have a 2-4-2 config, with no aisle access for most of the seats. (Ranting on that issue in another post).

What are your preferences? When in coach, are you a window or aisle person? Do you have a preference between 777s or 767s? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


  1. Long legs, so I like the aisle. But I much prefer the 2-seat configuration; simplifies armrest situation and limits the number of people crawling over one another.

  2. I agree, I prefer window seats on UA 767. I fly a lot to Europe and if that isn’t available, then I look for Swiss A330s for the same reason.

  3. With almost monthly flights to Europe for the two of us, I totally agree…except when, which has happened the last two IAD-MUC flights, United’s used an older 767 with those old tiny screens. We’re more likely to get the upgraded entertainment system on a 777. We choose one of the rare two person window (me) aisle (husband) rows on the 777s, but the downside is bulkhead in the front (less legroom) or noise since the rear 2 person rows are by thr bathrooms. Business class with GPUs this week – aah!

  4. I personally like seats 18 A/B. They are right behind the crew rest seats, so better legroom. However, they have the smaller screens that go into the side of the seats.

  5. I strongly prefer the 777. The 767 entertainment system is pathetic.I always sit on the aisle as a premier customer so it does not matter the seating arrangement.

  6. @Mickey, agree with you on the entertainment system. However, UA is updating all aircraft to the new system seating over the next couple of years. Lets see what the new layout and entertainment system brings.

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