Earning United Miles on Jet Airways Flights

I try to accumulate all my miles on United, my primary airline miles program. So when I learnt that Jet Airways was a United Partner (not a Star Alliance partner, but a code-share and miles partner), I was excited. I flew a domestic flight on Jet on my last visit to India and put in my United MileagePlus number to get my miles. Only, they never showed up. I filed a ‘missing miles’ request and was told that the class I was booked in did not accrue United miles! So, lesson learnt – know your booking classes. Had I known beforehand, I would have picked another program to earn miles on, one that did give miles on H class bookings.


Here is a list of all the Jet Airways booking classes:

  • First: F, A
  • Business: C, J, Z, I, P
  • Economy: Y, M, T, U, N, L, Q, S, K, H, V, O, W, B and G

Here are the ones that earn United Miles:

  • First: F, A (150% miles)
  • Business: C, J, Z, I, P (125% miles)
  • Economy: Y, M, T, U, N, L (100% miles)
  • Discounted Economy:Q, S (50% miles)
  • NO miles earned: K, H, V, O, W, B and G (thats a lot!)

I also noticed that in some cases the fare difference between a class that did and did not earn miles was trivial. I could have ‘fared-up’ and earned my miles. Lesson learnt – Know Your Booking Classes!

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  1. Yeah, I made the conscious decision to not use my United FF number on a recent domestic itinerary within India because only 2 of the 4 legs had a booking class that was eligible to accrue miles on United…

  2. Very disappointing to learn this. I bought United ticket showing K class IAD-LHR (United metal) and K class LHR-BOM (Jet Airways codeshare) and promising mileage credit for all segments – or so I thought. Was happy to be flying Jet Airways, where I’ve had excellent experience in years past. Got my UA flight miles no problem, doesn’t look I’m going to get the Jet miles, there’s some fine print on the UA ticket. On top of that the Jet experience was not worth repeating, narrower seats, so-so food, and very long (hour plus) delay to receive baggage at BOM. Sad.

  3. @Frank-the-Flower, sorry to hear of your experience. I wish there was a more explicit way to know if ones ticket will earn miles or not. Also, I have heard that Jet Airways is not as good in Economy. I have personally only flown the on short domestic flights. The Upper Class is however extremely good.

  4. I’ve only been two India twice — once in 2010, the other time in 2013. Both times if flew Jet Airways. I did notice a drop in the service level between the two flights, but to suggest Jet Airways is worse than United is a joke. Their flight attendants are about twenty times more pleasant and their IFE is far superior.

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