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I have been traveling. I will post an article on my recent travel soon. I did write some on the flights, but the posts are still in outline form. Got some work to do. In the meanwhile, the world did not stop and things have been going on in the past few days. Here are a few tidbits.

1. Lufthansa shares its seating layout for the 747-8i:

Lufthansa is the first airline to fly the Boeing 747-8i. It will be referred to as the 74H in the 3-character mode of referring to aircraft. (A 777-200 is 772, 340-600 is 346, 737-900 is 739 and so on). I will hopefully be flying the 74H real soon. I say hopefully as in the recently released schedule from Lufthansa, the 74H will fly between Washington Dulles and Frankfurt (IAD-FRA) 6 days a week. A 744 (747-400) will fly the 7th day, I hope I am not flying the 7th day. Lufthansa also released the seating map. They have moved away from 1st class being in the upper deck to some business class seats being there. The new config will have 8 first class seats, 86 business class seats – 32 in the upper deck and 54 lower deck and a massive 262 economy seats.

2. US Airways selling Elite Perks for as little as $10 a flight:

Matching United approach to Premier Access – which you can get for being an Elite (duh!) or buy for being in possession of money, US Airways is selling what it calls ‘PreferredAccess‘. It will give Elite benefits like early boarding, access to premier security lanes (where available), access to elite check-in counters, etc. They claim that the pricing starts at $10 per flight. Anyone been offered it? How much was the offer for? Is it worth it? Leave a comment below.

3. United launches its new club card:

If you are someone who purchases membership to the United Club, then this card is for you. The United MileagePlus® Club Card includes United club membership (a $475 value for a general member and $375 value for a Premier 1k) for an annual fee of $395 (one time $95 statement credit, after your first purchase). The card also earns 1.5 miles on any dollar spent and 2 miles on dollars spent on United tickets. The card is too expensive for someone who does not intend to already purchase United Club membership and a no-brainer for someone who does. If you are someone who does not want to purchase club access, there is always the United MileagePlus® Explorer card. It is giving 40,000 miles and no annual fee the first year.

Posts about my trip to Vegas coming next.

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