Live Blog: #SpotTheShuttle landing at Dulles airport

7:30 AM:

Shuttle 1.jpg
Photo - courtesy NASA

Starting my live blog. I will be posting updates here all day. So keep refreshing this page. I am also posting updates on Twitter, so keep an eye there.

Wheels up: The Shuttle flight has lifted off. NASA posted this picture of the shuttle flight taking off from Florida. ETA in DC – 10AM.

8:18AM: Getting ready to head to the airport. Still deciding where to go. The two main choices are: Air & Space Museum parking lot or Dulles airport Daily LOt #1. The airport lot will probably give a better perspective of the fly-by. The Lowe’s parking lot in Chantilly will be great, but can’t get the actual landing from there.

8:46AM: Found this great set of pictures of the take-off by @FlyingJenny – Link to Flickr.

9:21 AM: Shuttle arriving 1 hour early. Time to get out!

10:04 am Finally getting to update. Missed flybye @ airport. Wa stuck in massive traffic jam outside IAD. Shuttle flew right over my car. Waiting for landing now. I am on an over pass over Rt. 28

10:17AM. Waiting @ IAD. Shuttle did multiple passes over The mall in DC. Maybe another pass over IAD before landing?

11:45AM: Finally at home. The Shuttle obliged and did one last fly by of the airport. Caught that on camera. Will post pictures soon.


  1. i saw on the udvar-hazy website that the shuttle will do a fly by of Dulles before it lands. and the rumor is that it will land on runway 1R

  2. It is scheduled to do a fly-by over 1R. It may land on another runway depending on wind conditions. But 1R is most likely

  3. Runway 1R? Isn’t that the runway that is normally for takeoffs? The one that is right next to Rte 28? I was thinking it would come in on the N/S runway 1C/19C

  4. @AV, IAD has confirmed that there will be a fly-by over 1R. The actual landing may be on another runway.

  5. Our school is about 1.5 miles away from the Dulles Airport. At 10:55 AM the space shuttle passed by our school. It was so close and bigger than we had imagined. The children squealed with joy as we watched. What a wonderful experience for these students.

  6. I went to IAD parking deck and wasn’t disappointed. 2 flyovers! I got some excellent pics.

  7. I took my son to daily parking 1, and it was a great view area 2 flybys great location to watch it circle the airport. while we didnt actually get to see it touch down we had a great view of it taxiing down 1R in front on the american flag.

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