Yes! United now gives 500 mile minimum on US Airways flights

I have to fly US Airways every once in a while. Going in and out of Charlotte (CLT), which I do every so often, forces one to do so. One of my peeves with US Airways (amongst several others), is that when earning miles on United, I would not earn a 500 minimum miles. Dulles (IAD) to Charlotte is 321 miles. United stopped giving the 500 minimum to even it’s Elites a few years ago and only awards the actual miles earned. Continental, on the other hand always gave the 500 mile minimum. So, ever since the United-Continental merger was announced, I started taking my US Airways miles on Continental. Once they allowed it, I started transferring miles to United. As a side note, before the merger, I would earn my US Airways miles on BMI. They award 600 minimum miles!

I took my first US Airways flight since the United-Continental merger finished last week. To my pleasant surprise, I got awarded 500 miles! Thankfully, the new merged United is following Continental’s minimum mile policy. Another point that proves that the new United is Continental under the covers – not that anyone is complaining about that.

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  1. Good to hear. But, for the record, United always gave its elite level members a 500 minimum on all its UA routes. I know that it was also extended to partner LUFTHANSA for many years too since I flew LH multiple times in Europe on very short routes (FRA – MUC- and I always got the 500 mile minimum .

  2. It sure is too bad they couldn’t have done this two weeks ago. I did not get a 500 miles minimum on a paid first class ticket for my vacation that started on the 17th….

  3. @Andrew, they did not give the minimum 500 on US Airways only. I too have received min 500 on other partner airlines

  4. @Wandering Aramean, I hope you are not right and they keep the 500 mile min.

  5. I’ve been flying LGA-DCA a few times since April, and while the miles initially post to my United MP account at 500, after a couple weeks they get revised down to the actual miles flown (214, I think). Has anyone else experienced this?

  6. @EJB I would like to know if others are seeing this. I have three US Airways flights post merger. All three show 500 miles credited. I will let you know if it changes.

  7. The minimum 500 miles policy for flights on US airways has been revoked …so its the actual miles that u get 🙁

  8. I was getting 500 miles for a shorter flight of US Air in May, but that changed in June. I just talked with UA and they told me that what happened in May was due to system error, and UA doesn’t give 500 miles for a shorter US Air flight.

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