Pre-meet your flight mates – KLM launches ‘meet and seat’

Ever wonder who else was on your flight? Is there someone you would like to sit next to – or sit as far away as possible from? Ever wondered if there was someone on the flight who you shared friends with or your taste in obscure Sci-fi books with? Now you can, at least on certain long-haul KLM flights. KLM is launching ‘Meet and Seat‘, a service to pre-connet with your flight mates via your social networks.

Here is how it works – KLM allows you to link your FaceBook or LinkedIn profiles to your reservations. You can then go see the profiles of others on your flights (and they can see yours) who have also linked their profiles, and decide who you want to sit next to. Is it worth giving up your exit row seat to get next to someone else who also likes ‘Firefly‘?

This, of course, also brings to flights the ultimate in social network snubs – when someone else moves their seats because you chose the seat next to them…

As of now this is only available on KLM flights between Amsterdam (AMS) and New York (JFK), San Francisco (SFO) or Sao Paulo (GRU).

What do you think? Will this sink or swim? Would you use this service? Share by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Sounds like stalkers could have a great time with this. I amto not a fan, plus it publishes your whereabouts to your social network.

  2. Seems to me anyone who is big into the social networking scene is all about wanting to be seen going places and will use this. Not me, though, no thanks!

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