Action: Contact Sheraton Madison to get Facebook promotion 3K SPG points


Most of you would probably remember Sheraton Madison’s Facebook promotion: 3000 SPG points just by ‘liking’ them on Facebook. As with most of the social media promotions, the points did not post. However, they were extremely fast in responding when I contacted them on Facebook. And the points appeared in my account in 3 days.

In case, you too had ‘liked’ them within their contest period, it may be worth checking if you have received the points. If not, just put in a note on their Facebook Wall. 3000 SPG points are well worth the effort.

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  1. I entered within the contest deadlines and after inquiring about the points I received back information that I entered too late. They even sent an entry form. I don’t know what happened–it was an internal error, but I contacted SPG and they went round and round and then offered me 250 points. I said no “thank you”. This is the ONLY one of these contests I have had any kind of problem with and they handled it so poorly it became a very negative experience.

  2. @ Kathy post your grievance on their FB Wall. I am pretty sure they would offer you the 3000 points.

  3. After emailing them they posted mine, but would not post my moms and husbands. They said they did not make the cut off time, although all three facebook profiles “liked” their page within a 1 minute timeframe. After multiple emails with both the social media manager and the director of the hotel, they still would not honor the other two accounts.

  4. If you really did file the request within the published terms, hold them to it. If they give you an crap, mention further action and tell them exactly what you want: Credit for the prmised points. Mention of cpntacting your state’s Attorney General’s office should get their attention. State Attorneys Generaal take a very dim view of offers made in their states not being honored. Be polite, of course, but if you fully complied with the published rules, you are entitled to the points. Period. If you fudged a bit or cannot prove your compliance, don’t waste your time. In the future, make a complete, retrievable record of the rules as well as your own submission. If you have both of those items available and are still denied the promised benefit, talk about it in public and a lot. If you are sure of your ground and proof, make some noise and share the experience with others. Best wishes, -C.

  5. I missed out on the cut off on this promo but I have a suggested for your next post. Everyone who does not receive there points for the promo UNLIKE there page and watch all there likes go away…… Seems fair!

  6. “The Nomad said:
    @ Kathy post your grievance on their FB Wall. I am pretty sure they would offer you the 3000 points.”
    Thanks for your encouragement. After numerous emails w/ the hotel and SPG and me taking a photo of my facebook wall w/ the “liked” date of August 10th…I got *really grumpy* about the way they have handled this…in my opinion very condescending and not even hinting that the error could be theirs. As much as I would like to spew/rant on their wall, I have decided to let it drop. They sent me a photo of the entry which was dated the day AFTER the promotion ended. Obviously if I liked it (and learned about their hotel on the 10th) I wouldn’t have waited until the 15th to fill out the form. Something went wrong somewhere. Lesson learned take a screenshot IF I do this again! Chicago and Austin facebook promotions went smoothly and points posted quickly. Hmmmm….

  7. BTW–I REALLY did file w/in the deadline. I don’t understand where or how the breakdown occurred, but realizing that I was letting 3000 SPG points and a couple of ignorant, short sighted people wreck my day, I realized life is too short!!

  8. I made the deadline and never received my 3000 points.
    Asked on their wall — did you see the big yellow banner stating the SPG 3000 miles bonus was finished?
    Very bad business move by Sheraton.

  9. My wife’s had not posted because I assumed she unliked them five minutes after I liked them, but lo and behold they sent me an email last week saying it will post with 2 weeks and they did post two days after the email so kudos to Sheraton Madison for coming through.

  10. Anyone have the rules from the promotion? It appears they are consistently denying additional people in the same household. I don’t, however, remember there being anything in the rules saying it was limited to one per household.

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