1000 bonus Mileage Plus miles for spending $100 in June

From June 1 through June 30, you can get 1000 bonus for spending $100 or more any at any online retailer when you click through Mileage Plus Shopping Mall. Normally I don’t use Mileage Plus Shopping Mall much as they have the lowest returns in most cases. Nevertheless, for 1000 bonus miles, I will!

In general, to get the biggest cash/miles back from your purchases, check out http://www.evreward.comand http://cashbackholic.com before every online purchase.

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  1. @hj714 my previous experiences have been mixed. I often buy travelocity giftcards at drugstore and they earn miles/points. Many others dont.

    @ Paul, definitely check out evreward.com to see which site has the highest cashback. My experience tells me that mrrebates.com and bigcrumbs.com have the highest cashback in most cases. Apart from that, AMEX bonus points mall, AA and CO shopping site give the highest bank for your buck.

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