Introducing ‘The Nomad’

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A few weeks ago I posted on my blog that I was looking for a co-blogger. I was not prepared for what happened next. I was virtually inundated by emails and inquiries from people interested in joining me. I got links to blogs people were writing. I got sample posts. I got links to Facebook pages with interesting travel stories. I thank each and everyone who responded. First of all, I am humbled by the vast interest in people wanting to join me. Secondly, I am pleased to see that I have a wide following and people value what I share on my blog.

So, I have decided to assemble a team of bloggers, instead of just one co-blogger. I am seeking people who have a passion for airline miles, hotel points and attaining elite status – the main theme of my blog. I am still reaching out and responding to some of the people who responded, whose interests in blogging match this criteria. I got several inquiries from people are interested in blogging about their travels. At this point of time, my blog is not going to include travel reports.

Now, with great pleasure I would like to introduce the first member I have selected for my blogging team – The Nomad. He is just as passionate about Airline Miles as I am. We will be posting the first post by The Nomad shortly. Come back and read… and do make him feel welcome. I will continue posting as UnRoadWarrior.

Thank you for reading. Safe travels.

The UnRoadWarrior


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