Top 10 Frequent Flier websites

Here is a ‘Top 10 List’ of my favorite Frequent Flier related Websites. Add them to your bookmark list…

  1. The ultimate forum on all things travel. Has dedicated forums for all Airline Frequent Flier & Hotel programs there are
  2. Excellent site to search for flights. It searches all other travel sites such as Orbitz, Expedia and airline sites for you
  3. ITA Software: Extremely feature reach flight and routing search engine. Great tool for complex routing. For example, if you want to from DC to LA and want to go via Cleveland, this site will find the flights for youtop10.tiff
  4. Tells you how many seats are available on a flight. Great to look for award seat and upgrade seat availability
  5. Tells where to sit on a plane. as configured for a particular airline. Points our good seats from the bad
  6. Great Circle Mapper: Shows you the path taken by a aircraft from one city to another. Also shows distance in flying miles between any two cities
  7. Real time flight status information. Sends you free SMS/email of flight delays/arrivals/departures
  8. Yes, Bing! Previously known as FareCaster. Forecasts if flight prices on a particular route will go up or down
  9. Mileage Calculator: Calculates frequent flier miles awarded between two cities. Also calculates Status Miles awarded based on class of travel
  10. Allows you to track all your Airline, Hotel and Car rental itineraries in one place and syncs with Apps on your BlackBerry, iPhone or other Mobile device and with your Outlook calendar. All you have to do is email the confirmation email to them. They add the itinerary information from the email – no typing required!

Go ahead – submit your favorite site – add to comments.

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