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Dubai and Singapore – Hubs to the world?

There are some unique cities around the world when it comes to flying. While they may be excellent destinations themselves, for long haul travelers, they are best known as being key transition hubs. Two cities that have earned this reputation are Dubai and Singapore. They are both in this position due to their unique geographical…

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Air India – good for Star Alliance?

As Air India progresses on its ‘final approach’ to become a member of the Star Alliance, it brings to an end (if they do actually make this July-end deadline) of the longest any airline has ever taken to join an Alliance. This long drawn out path to Allianceship, if I may, has further tarnished Air…

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Long, Thin routes: Brought to you by the 787

As my fellow blogger here at, Things In the Sky, wrote in his blog post last week, Continental has introduced a very interesting new route – Houston, TX to Auckland, New Zealand (IAH-AKL). At 7,415 miles, the distance is not very long. There are several aircraft that can fly much further, without need to…

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