Dubai and Singapore – Hubs to the world?

an airplane on the runwayThere are some unique cities around the world when it comes to flying. While they may be excellent destinations themselves, for long haul travelers, they are best known as being key transition hubs. Two cities that have earned this reputation are Dubai and Singapore. They are both in this position due to their unique geographical location but more importantly because they are hubs for two very large, world-class airlines that have a worldwide reach. Dubai and Singapore are not the only cities in their neighborhood. Both have other cities that are not too far away that are as large or larger (Mumbai and Doha for Dubai and Bangkok and Kuala Lampur for Singapore), but it is their airlines that have made them winners.

I reviewed Emirates Airlines of Dubai in this earlier set of posts. Let me talk a little but here about Singapore Airlines. Truth be told, I can only talk about them in a limited fashion as I have never flown them. But their reputation is excellent. You can search for Singapore flights from pretty much any major city in the world and you will find flights serviced by Singapore Airlines (my local airport – Washington Dulles IAD is an exception).

Singapore Airlines also have two very unique flights that have always been on my list to fly on one day:

Newark – Singapore (EWR – SIN): This is the longest flight in the world. At 9,535 miles, I want to earn those miles in one hop. More uniquely, the flight is operated using an A340-500 aircraft, in an all-business class configuration! Singapore airlines also operates its Los Angeles – Singapore (LAX – SIN) flight using a similarly configured aircraft, but at 8,770 miles, the flight is much shorter.

Singapore – Moscow – Houston (SIN – DME – IAH): Just the interesting route makes me want to take this flight – also long at 11,154 miles. What was the thinking behind this route – big oil? Big money? The Russian Mafia? I wonder…

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  1. My stepbrother actually flies the SIN-DME-IAH route (plus MSY) when he comes back from Singapore to New Orleans. He claims it’s actually a little better than SIN to any of the west coast cities because the layovers are shorter and things line up. It’s a shame you can’t go direct SIN-SFO.

    I’ve flown Singapore Airlines a few times. Everything you’ve heard is true. Best airline, ever.

  2. Great to hear that. I hope I can some day find a reason to fly that route. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Having flown the EWR – SIN flight twice I can confirm that they are a great airline to fly with. Only disappointment is their shared club in EWR. Unlike the club in Singapore, it isn’t impressive.

  4. I have done both the EWR-SIN ( all J-class )and the SIN-DME-IAH flights before on J-class. The timing of both flights are good as if one could sleep the last 6 to 7 hours of each flight, you don’t get too much jet-lag. Service is better on SIN-DME-IAH I feel, as in an all J-class flight, especially when it is full, may not be as attentive. To the east coast of USA, SIN-FRA-JFK route is preferable as the Staralliance Gold lounge in FRA has showers which is a great thing to do in a 90 minute stop. The shower at DME is terrible – only one stall in a small toilet in the lounge. If you do fly SQ on J-class – book the cook on the website – you get the signature dishes. Hope you’d get to do one of these flights soon.

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